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artificial grass installation
artificial grass installation

Alpine Turf is Arizona's Premier Artificial Grass Installer.

Your Local, Family-Owned Artificial Grass Solution. At Alpine Turf, we take immense pride in being a family-owned and operated company committed to transforming your outdoor spaces into stunning, sustainable havens. With a customer-centric approach, we offer you the best Artificial Grass installation in Gilbert, AZ, and nearby areas that redefine quality. We're passionate about transforming outdoor spaces with our premium American-made Artificial Grass installation. Our expertise extends to the heart of Arizona's climate, ensuring your new synthetic turf is both beautiful and durable. Whether you dream of a maintenance-free lawn or a stunning backyard oasis, we're here to make it a reality.

Alpine Turf, co-founded by two driven brother-in-laws in Queen Creek, AZ, isn't just about installing turf – it's a pledge to elevate landscapes and lives. Fueled by unity and shared values, our culture is a crucible for innovation and teamwork, yielding remarkable results. Our commitment to water conservation is unwavering. We offer lush landscapes that respect nature's resources, ensuring a sustainable future.

Arizona Artifical Grass Solutions

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Family is at our core. With children and pets of our own, safety isn't negotiable. Our spaces offer secure havens for play, growth, and joy.

artificial grass installation

Putting Greens

We install custom putting greens for Arizona home owners to enjoy for years to come.

artificial grass installation

Pet Areas

We love helping our customer's pets to have a comfortable life-like yard that they can enjoy.

artificial grass installation


We install Artificial Grass for residential and commerical playgrounds across Arizona.

artificial grass installation

Sports Fields

We provide turf installation service for commercial sports fields across Arizona.

Our Focus

American Made Artificial Grass : Built to Last


Arizona's intense heat, sunlight, and dry conditions can take a toll on outdoor surfaces. High-quality Artificial Grass products are designed to withstand these harsh elements, retaining their color, texture, and structural integrity over time.

artificial grass installation
artificial grass installation


Our modern high-quality Artificial Grass s closely replicate the look and feel of natural grass. Advances in technology have led to products with various blade shapes, colors, and textures, resulting in a beautiful and natural-looking landscape.


Investing in our high-quality Artificial Grass product comes with an extended warranty. These warranties provide peace of mind, assuring you that the turf will maintain its performance and appearance for many years to come.,

artificial grass installation

SAVE UP TO 50% per year on home maintainence

Professional Installation with Alpine Turf

Quality is our signature. From every blade of grass to each putting green, we weave craftsmanship and beauty into every installation. Alpine Turf is a legacy of unity, quality, and environmental care. We craft landscapes that tell stories of family, sustainability, and enduring beauty.

artificial grass installation

Withstands harsh weather

We provide products with UV stabilization to prevent fading and deterioration.

artificial grass installation

Life expectancy

We assure that your new turf will maintain its performance and appearance for years to come

artificial grass installation

No discoloration

Turf which withstands intense heat, sunlight, and dry conditions

artificial grass installation

Maintenance costs

Save up annual costs of lawn maintenance

artificial grass installation